Markazi province become a model for other provinces

Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor said that considering that Markazi province was the second province to be infected with coronavirus and there was no familiarity with this virus and ways to deal with it in the world, the effective measures of Markazi province became an experience and model for other provinces of the country.

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Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Jamaliyan:

Empowering faculty members is one of the most important and fundamental goals of the university in the New Year / we hope that with the empathy and participation of the people and officials, we will see the elimination of this vicious virus in the country Gallery

Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor said that in the discussion of the epidemic of viruses, the most important step to reduce the prevalence of the disease is a strong and well-planned activity in the field of Health, the results obtained in recent days shows, decisions and actions taken in the fight against the virus Corona in time

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Launch of Corona Information System

Contact number 3839 launched Saturday, Feb. 29 to answer questions from citizens about the Corona Virus, by Management of information technology and statistics experts of university.

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